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Safety at work and quality assurance

Safety at work and quality assurance

General principles

Our stated corporate objective is to ensure and continuously improve high standards of safety at work, health protection and protection of the environment.


As a global player we consider that one of our key roles is meeting our customer's expectations quickly and flexibly, while providing them with a first class service.

At the same time we are committed to meeting our corporate responsibility for safety at work, health protection and protection of the environment. Our aim is to provide comprehensive protection to our employees from any dangers and harm while they are working and to ensure the safety of any third parties involved, as well as the safety of local residents or neighbours.

To achieve this aim we undertake, by introducing an occupational safety and health management system, to record existing risks even more systematically, to assess such risks and to minimise or eliminate them by taking appropriate measures.

High quality services, top quality products, first class customer service, committed employees, as well as the highest standards of safety and excellent working conditions all play their part in ensuring our continuing success.

We intend to consolidate our presence in the global marketplace by innovations and by the continuous optimisation of technical and organisational procedures.

Our employees play a vital role in achieving this aim because, thanks to their commitment and expertise, they are able to make a decisive contribution to implementing our corporate goals. Their innovativeness coupled with their skills and expertise ensures compliance with high safety standards, enabling us to achieve maximum performance and results with a minimum of expenditure at all times.

The implementation of the integrated management system described in the management hand book ensures that all quality and safety-related activities are planned, controlled and monitored in such a way that all the requirements of the following regulations
  • DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • SCC**
are complied with and that the customer's requirements are taken into account.

Adaptation to the new standard DIN EN ISO 9001:201 will be carried out in the course of the recertification process in 2017.

The diagram below illustrates the structure of the quality management system.

Aufbau des Qualitätsmanagementsystems

Safety at work

No job is so important that it cannot be carried out safely!


Training sessions on SHE are held regularly in the company. The training needs for SHE are determined by the health and safety committee.

The topics covered in the training comprise:
  • Safety at work and occupational health and safety
  • Accident and damage assessment
  • Health care and protection of the environment
  • The introduction of new regulations in the management system.

In drawing up the training plan account is taken of the requirement for all employees to undergo training at least once a year on the SHE regulations.

Training is delivered by the health and safety officers and, if necessary, by the company doctor, with support provided by the management representative. If necessary, the training can be combined with other training, e.g. internal technical training or QM training.

All employees are required to attend the training sessions. Employees who miss the training sessions are required to attend a catch-up session.

Temporary staff receive training on SHE when they commence their duties with the company.

The principles underlying safety, health protection and protection of the environment

It is our aim to ensure that all employees adopt in their own areas of work the objectives set for safety, health protection and protection of the environment, as well as for quality, and that they implement these objectives innovatively to ensure the attainment of our company's objectives over the long term.


We are therefore committed to
  • prioritising: safety at work in the company, the protection of the health of our employees, the protection of third parties involved and the environment, as well as customer focus and meeting our operating targets.
  • ensuring product safety and safety at work and the prevention of personal injury, damage to property and environmental damage under the specific conditions of use in the company and on site, taking into account national and international laws, standards and technical regulations.
  • regularly assessing our performance as regards safety at work, health and protection of the environment by the targeted evaluation of accidents, illnesses, hazardous situations and near misses, taking all the measures necessary to increase safety in our company.
  • including our employees in the implementation of this corporate policy. They undergo systematic training to enable them, by developing their sense of responsibility, to make an active contribution to improving safety standards at work, health care and protection of the environment on an ongoing basis.


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Safety at work and quality assurance are our number one priority!


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