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Project management

Our project management system executes all projects from the largest to the smallest project with the same goal each time - to ensure the satisfaction of the customer and to ensure the project is carried out exactly as planned.

Project management
Both complex tasks such as the disassembly and assembly of complete boiler plants, steam generators and their components as well as routine tasks such as inspection, maintenance and rectification of faults are handled with the same level of care, taking into account the requests of our customers. Teamwork ensures that the project is managed in a professional manner.

Customers can draw on the expertise and know-how of our engineers when seeking their advice on a one-to one basis and this expertise and know-how is also incorporated into the individual planning of the projects.

  • A member of our marketing staff as your personal contact
  • Supervision of the project by our engineers and construction managers
  • Strategies including transport operations
  • Time scheduling
  • Budgeting

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Engineering, delivery & installation

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Safety at work and quality assurance are our number one priority!

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