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Engineering, delivery & installation

About us


The design and visualisation of the component always precede its manufacture and installation.

Economiser superheater apparatus for a chemical plant
At our Hohenthurm location we design a wide range of components for use in boiler and plant construction.

The components designed by us undergo rigorous quality inspections and must comply with stringent standards. We provide solutions to meet all our customer's needs from complete boiler systems down to piece production manufactured to the highest engineering standards.

Engineering services

  • Calculation of steam generator elements
  • Calculation and design of tube bending
  • Calculation according following technical regulations:
    AD 2000; EN 12952, TRD; PED 2014 EU; EN 13445; EN 13480; ASME-STAMP (S&U)
    • Design documents in 3D-system
    • Material demand for elements
    • welding documents
    • tube bending lists
    • documentation
    • necessary transport drawings for complex assembly groups
  • Planning of erection technologies

Examples of 3D design

Module for refuse incineration plant

Module for refuse incineration plant Weight 105t
Module for paper industry

Module for paper industry
Weight 270t

Boiler and plant service

Engineering, delivery & installation

Our target markets

Safety at work and quality assurance are our number one priority!

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